Computer optimized buy and sell signals

Our trade chart tool makes it easy to see where the buys and sells have happened in the past, giving you a detailed view of how our algorithm behaves for each particular stock.

Performance with lower volatility and higher returns

Track performance of each of our stocks and notice relatively low volatility and smoothed linear return, often surpassing buy and hold techniques.

Dashboard tells you buy and sell setups daily

The dashboard allows you to see what stocks are "On-Deck" (buy if threshold is exceeded), or "In-Play" (already in an active position).

Create baskets of stocks

Create your own "Smartlists" of your favourite stocks. Add, edit, and delete watchlists of stocks that have been "Stock-O-Maticized".

Smartlist portfolio performance

See performance for each smartlist of stocks so you can see which combinations give the greatest and most steady return.

Rank and sort by performance

Narrow down the most profitable stocks by sorting and selecting maximum performance or minimum drawdown.

Track every suggested trade

We list each and every one of our trades in a convenient table format so that you can track your return in lockstep with our system.