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Optimal Portfolio Walk-Forward Analysis

The portfolio below is the one with the best Sharpe ratio, i.e. the one with maximum risk-adjusted return. It was created by computing the millions of possible combinations of stocks available in Stock-O-Matic, and choosing the portfolio exhibiting maximum return with minimum volatility.

Stocks in the optimal portfolio: AEE BBY DPZ EFX LRCX MA MCD MU NTES PHM PKI UNH

Profit/Loss% P/LS&P 500
5 years ago: $ % +22.4%
4 years ago: $ % +16.2%
3 years ago: $ % +1.7%
2 years ago: $ % +11.5%
Past year: $ % +22.7%
6 month: $ % +11.1%
3 month: $ % +7.0%
Total Initial Capital: $
Compound Profit:no
Commission / Trade ($):7
Margin Requirement (%):100
Capital / Trade ($):25000

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Cumulative Monthly P/L

Monthly P/L

List of Trades

Symbol Buy Date Shares Buy Price Sell Date Sell Price Days % P/L P/L

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Note: Numbers in the "Overall System Walk-Forward Analysis" and "Statistics for All Available Stocks" tables above calculated with compounding of profit, and do not include commissions. These options can be changed when viewing individual stock details. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results; read the disclaimer.